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Current & Upcoming Events

Catherine Hallissey: Raising Well Behaved Children
UCC Wednesday 19th April 2023 - CANCELLED


Dr. Colman Noctor: Resilience In a Digital Era
UCC Thursday 25th May 2023 - CANCELLED


With a heavy heart, Rosarii and I have taken the difficult decision to cancel all current events. We apologise to you for any inconvenience this may cause. Customers purchasing tickets for these talks have been contacted and will be refunded in full.

Putting on live events post-COVID has become something of a leap of faith; mainly due to the ever-growing amount of quality material available online we believe the market is saturated, among other factors.

In the coming months Live Life NOW! will consider our position and make a decision over the future of the business. 

Thank you for your previous/current support, we hope to see you at some point in the future.

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