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Current & Upcoming Events

Recommencement of events! 

Live Life NOW are very excited to announce that we will resume events over the coming months! During our enforced shutdown we have been busy planning an exciting, diverse and informative programme of talks. Further announcements will be here shortly.

Catherine's Talk

Catherine Hallissey: Raising Well Behaved Children
TBC Spring 2023 

Dr. Colman Noctor: Resilience In a Digital Age
2023 TBC

Rosarii Ryan: The Art of Time Management
Postponed. New date to be confirmed.

Colman's Talk
Rosarii's Talk

Catherine Hallissey

Raising Well Behaved Children

Do you struggle to understand your child’s behaviour and to know how best to respond? If so, join leading child psychologist, Catherine Hallissey, for the latest instalment in her "Thriving Families" series to learn the most important things parents can do to bring out the best in your child and to have more peace and harmony in your home. This talk will be most helpful for parents, carers and educators of children from 0-14 years. You can read Catherine's testimonials here.

Topics include:

• Road map for dealing with misbehaviour and misunderstanding

• How your child’s brain is developing and why this is important for handling misbehaviour

• Dealing with tantrums and tears

• Discover why punitive & punishing forms of discipline don't teach your child how to behave

• How best to cope with different parenting styles in couples (authoritarian vs permissive etc)

• Learn how to set firm boundaries without threats, punishment or bribery

• Help your child understand limits, boundaries and consequences

• Using routines to eliminate battles around chores and homework

• Setting home up to have calmer mornings and more peaceful evenings

• Supporting your child to release anger and frustration

• Using every-day parenting moments to deepen your connection with your child

• Moving from surviving to thriving as a family

Date & Location Details;

Spring 2023. Date TBC.


Early Bird ticket €TBC

(including VAT & Booking Fees).


Dr. Colman Noctor

Resilience In a Digital Era

Respected expert, author and media contributor, Colman Noctor is a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist in St Patrick's Adolescent Mental Health Services. He is also an Assistant Professor in Trinity College Dublin, with over 19 years of experience including work at both Great Ormond St. & the Royal Edinburgh Hospitals. 

This public talk will explore the pressures experienced by families in an era of technology in contemporary Ireland. The talk will look at the impact of technology and social media on our mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience.


The presentation will explore ways in which our relationship with technology can affect our family, work and personal lives and describe ways in which we can support ourselves and our families to become more resilient in the contemporary world and develop better relationships in a digital era.

Date & Location Details;

New date TBC


Early Bird ticket €TBC

(including VAT & Booking Fees).


Rosarii Ryan

The Art of Time Management

Learn how to protect, and proactively manage, the precious resource of time. 


​The simple truth is that time is a finite, limited resource that is not, in itself, manageable. Time management is all about learning to manage yourself with regard to time to have greater control of your day.


In this workshop you will learn about the characteristics of effective time managers and identify your ‘good’ and ‘bad’ habits. We will explore and evaluate various time management practices, skills and tools to help you design your personal time management system.  


By managing your time more effectively you get more of the important tasks done in your day, you will be more efficient, productive, focused …. and less stressed. 


  • Identify your personal style

  • Manage your task list

  • Learn how to stay on task, and why this is so difficult

  • Appreciate the importance of delegation

  • Understand how to prioritise wisely

  • Manage ‘Time Stealers’

  • Control your schedule

Date & Location Details;


Postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

New date TBC

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Coming soon

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Details of our next talk will appear here soon...

We are currently working on further events and hope to announce details very shortly.

If you would like advanced notification by email, please join our mailing list on the "Contact Us" page. This will amount to no more than four to six emails per year, as we only notify you of an event in your location, or neighbouring county.

Date & Location Details;

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