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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the latest Coronavirus information from Live Life NOW?
    Please see the statement at the top of the "Current Events" page. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • How does ticketing & billing work?
    Tickets are only available via through the link shown in our advertising or on our events pages. We do not take cash payments. Credit Card payments, or any subsequent refunds, are handled securely by Stripe who are a global company. “Live Life Now Events” will appear on your bank statement after purchasing.
  • Where & how do I buy tickets?
    After clicking on the link to buy tickets you will be taken to the appropriate BookWhen page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and use one of the "select" tabs to choose the event and number of tickets (note: this may not be shown until you have clicked on the event itself first). Then click the tab at the bottom "view selections" and it will take you through the booking and payment stages. Your ticket is emailed to you within moments.
  • I started booking a ticket but cannot proceed. Why?
    If you experienced a problem when it came to the payment process it is very likely that the issue was with the device you were using to book tickets. We have had communication from a number of people who were using, in most cases, a smartphone, but when they switched to another device they had no occurrence of the same problem. Possibly this is due to screen size restrictions, or compatability with the booking website.
  • How secure is payment?
    Credit Card payments, or any subsequent refunds, are handled securely by Stripe who are a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. They are a global company who list Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber & Spotify amongst their customers! Online payments through Bookwhen (via Stripe), have been upgraded in line with the law to include Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). One of the requirements of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is the introduction of SCA for online payments in the European Economic Area (from 14th September 2019). SCA is designed to improve payment security and reduce a customer’s vulnerability to fraud and includes Multi-Factor Identification.
  • Why do you want my email address & phone number?
    BookWhen email your booking reference/ticket to you within moments of your paying for tickets. If this goes wrong for some reason, we can contact you by phone. We send event information by email to you a few days before the event. You will also be asked if we can email you with our future events in your area.
  • What happens if I lose my tickets?
    If you lose or delete your tickets by accident please email us and we will resend your confirmation email through BookWhen.
  • Why didn’t I receive my tickets?
    Reasons for not receiving it are usually your mailbox is full, or marks it as spam. Also, possibly there was a mistake in the email address you gave BookWhen at the time of paying. If you contact us via email with your details, we will be happy to re-send it and amend any errors.
  • I booked the wrong event, what do I do?"
    Please contact us immediately and we will be happy to change your ticket over. If this requires a refund due to a difference in costs, we will naturally refund the balance in full.
  • I want a ticket but it’s sold out. What now?
    If an event is sold out there will be a waiting list revealed on the BookWhen page. Adding your details to it does not guarantee a ticket, but there are usually a number of people who cannot attend and these will be offered on a first come basis. You will be notified by email should this occur.
  • What happens if I can’t attend?
    If you bought tickets but feel unable to attend there are a number of options open to you, which include passing the ticket to a friend or family member, or see options for refunds below.
  • Can I give my ticket to a friend or family member?
    We are more than happy to change the name on a ticket if you wish to pass it onto another person. Please contact us with their full name, email address (so we can forward event information to them) and your ticket reference.
  • If I’m late, what time does it actually start?"
    Our events start within five minutes of the advertised time, we strongly advise that you arrive in plenty of time to allow for parking and entrance bearing in mind that there could be a large number of others at the event.
  • Where do I find venue information?
    General information about the event, timing, parking and other useful information will be emailed to you in the days before the event. We make every effort to ensure this is up-to-date information from the venue themselves. If you have a more specific question, please contact us and we will find out as much as possible for you.
  • What is your refund policy?
    If you cannot attend and would like a refund, our refund policy (as stated on your booking at the time you purchased tickets) is; Up to one week before - 75% refund Up to 48 hours before - 50% refund Under 48 hours - 0%* *If there is a waiting list for one of our events, we will offer 50% only upon actual sale of the ticket.
  • What if I require a refund?
    Please contact us with your booking reference/ticket number and we will cancel your ticket in accordance with the above policy. Refunds are issued by Stripe, to the Credit Card that you used to book with and take 5-10 working days to appear on your Bank Statement.
  • How do I add myself to your mailing list?
    Thank you! Either fill in the section shown in “Contact Us”, or email us with a request!
  • Are my details safe?
    Yes! We promise not to use your details for any other purpose and will in no circumstance pass them on to others, for any reason. We also promise not to bombard your inbox with emails, only relevant upcoming talks in your area and event information should you purchase tickets.
  • How do I get removed from your mailing list?
    We aim to send you no more than a few emails per year with only those events relevant to your area. If you decide that you would like no further contact please email us with “unsubscribe” in the subject box. We will reply to confirm your request and will not knowingly send you anymore.
  • I did not see the answers to my question, what now?"
    Please go to the “Contact Us” section using the link immediately below, or at the top of the page with the drop-down menu. Send your question(s).
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