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In his usually uncompromising, engaging and entertaining way Clinical Psychologist David Coleman delved deep into the world of childhood bullying at four locations in the South and West of Ireland. Explaining what bullying is, how to spot if your son or daughter is being bullied (or is being a bully!) and then, most importantly, giving the tools and tips that you could use to help them avoid being bullied.

These talks encompassed both traditional forms of bullying and cyberbullying, focused not just on the individual child or teenager, but also looked at what schools or communities could do to support an anti-bullying ethos.

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In his workshop "Working With Clients With Anxiety", Dr. Barry demonstrated the role of neuroscience in the causation and treatment of anxiety and panic. He explored what it is about our minds and brains that generates the symptoms of anxiety and discussed the use of psychoeducation to help clients understand and identify those signs and symptoms.

He explained how to support clients to make lifestyle changes and use mindfulness, exercise and CBT techniques to cope with and manage their issues.  All skills based training. 

Dr. Barry also repeated his hugely successful public talk "The Age Of Anxiety: Understanding Anxiety in Children & Adolescents". A description of this talk can be read below.


In something of a small coup for Live Life Now, distinguished psychologist, author, consultant and broadcaster Dr Maureen Gaffney captivated a near sell-out UCC, in what, of recent times, is a rare public speaking engagement. Taking a much enjoyed break from her writing and corporate work, Maureen spoke and answered questions for almost two hours on the challenges which we all face regarding close personal relationships. Over 99% of our feedback forms rated her talk as "Excellent" or "Very Good".

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During March 2019, renowned expert Dr Suzanne Zeedyk examined the science and explored ways to break the cycles of adversity created by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) at two events held in Limerick and Cork.

Suzanne's warm and often deeply challenging talk was preceded by the documentary Resilience which delves into the research and science of Adverse Childhood Experiences; the stressful experiences in childhood which can alter the developing brain and body leading  to lifelong health and social problems.

For more information on ACE's please see our ACE Aware tab.


In February 2019 (University College Cork), Dr Harry Barry presented two very well received events on anxiety; a public talk and a professional workshop. 

Dr Barry's public talk explained to parents and adolescents what it is about our minds and brains that generates the symptoms of anxiety. Building on this understanding of the neuroscience of anxiety he explored how we can retrain our brain so as to eliminate or deal with panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety and general anxiety.

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During May, June & October 2018, parenting expert David Coleman presented five hugely successful talks entitled “Effective Communication with Children & Teenagers”. These talks captivated audiences in Cork, Limerick & Waterford.

The presentations guided us through the fundamentals of effective communication; translating psychological theories into common sense advice on how we could best respond to our children. An often humorous, yet practical guide for time-strapped, exhausted and stressed parents dealt with how to raise resilient and emotionally intelligent children.